“Feel Better. Get healthy by rebalancing with what the body already has in place of taking chemical drugs. Eat more alive/raw foods to help digest the cooked food.” -Customer

“Reversing chronic illness and injury with RAW food, Paleo Diet and Orthomolecular Healing – the use of nutritional supplementation – while balancing hormones using transdermal HGH Gel.” -Customer
“Healing with what the body already has and eliminating the problem instead of covering up the symptoms experienced.” -Customer
“Simple changes and shifts in awareness lead to improved health on a dime, much cheaper and easier on the body than the repeated suggestions of physicians that so far haven’t worked.” -Customer
“I was diagnosed then did everything as directed by my doctors. After 2 years without improvement and greater decline, I needed to find a way to heal. I opened my mind to healing with food, proper hydration and fasting.” -Customer
MENU – rRainville, LLC

-Retail – Raising the awareness of forgotten healing methods and the importance of removing toxins from daily chores and beauty products by writing published articles and offering a line of products made from locally sourced ingredients found in nature.

-Read – Keeping to simple ingredients when cleansing the body or eating and preparing the home for the week, creating a wide menu of non-GMO healing foods and non-toxic products. Shopping lists – *health and allergy specific needs welcomed, recipes, instruction in methods of cooking Paleo foods and RAW meal preparation to heal illness, how-to directions to make natural health, body and cleaning/utility products in your own home are all made available.

-Education Series – Hosting in-home workshops offering group or one-on-one consulting in a virtual format to busy professionals who want to transition to a healthier more natural lifestyle but require direction and suggestions on product options.

-Corporate Series – Launch monthly Wellness Week custom-series enabling Management to tailor presentations and webinars to the needs and requested topics that are pertinent for each department or the staff as a whole. Focus on improving the welfare of full and part-time employees through education and demonstration.

-Providing Human Resources Departments with low cost, valued tools for their important customers, their fellow employees.



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An 80 year timeline discussing the amazing effectiveness of vitamins.



Learn more about why we talk about pure powdered Vitamin C by watching these videos while you chop veggies for dinner or fold laundry. Begin healing your body with food and balancing the vitamins and minerals already present inside your body.





🍊🍋🥝No reason to be sick anymore once you understand the power of Vitamin C.



Want to reverse many of the symptoms you experience every day? Consider fasting for 72 hours or eating raw food for thirty days.

Do you have 4:59 (minutes) to watch this short piece?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSUw9SaPLmA
Do you have 1:29:59 to watch the whole thing?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pjkC71exKU
What do you know about digestive enzymes and why should you care about them? We can talk about that AND food combining (called trophology) the next time we meet.